Hello World!

Hey. This is the beginning of a new blog which is meant to be simple, yet give the most value per word in the WordPress community. Not entirely personal nor company blog, but something in between. Let’s get this show started.

You may know me from my previous blog – WPART. This blog is a completely opposite approach to my blogging and now when it’s finally alive, you may consider the WPART dead.

Why another blog?

Great question, I’m glad you ask.

It’s because I found out writing… tiring. And difficult. And never got the time to post another article. All because of this stupid posting routine and cult of having more and better and prettier.

This is how the WPART quickly became bloated with all the plugins, newsletters, etc. Each post had to have the featured image, because how to post on social media without it? Often searching for this damn image took longer than writing the article itself.

So this blog is different.

I’ll be focusing primarily on writing, no bullshit. Idea, article, publication. Fast and easy and without being bothered by minor details. This doesn’t mean I don’t care, quite the opposite. I’ll try to bring as much value as I can, giving unique insights and snippets. I might not give a fuck to proper wording though.

Why such a name?

Because the Company is called BracketSpace. The WordPress Coding Standards we are using says that you have to put a space after each [ or ( and before the matching closing character. So… BracketSpace, Between The Brackets… you get it. Brilliant, right?

What you’ll find here

Because I’m a developer and company owner I’ll be writing from both perspectives.

When I find a golden nugget while learning how to manage the business, you can be sure I’ll post it. When we’ll spend 3 hours figuring out this (non) trivial problem, you can be sure I’ll post a snippet.

In general, timeless content. If you’ll save this blog one time in your bookmarks for the future reference, I’ll consider it a success.

WordPress stack

If you are interested in technology, here it is.

We are using the SpinupWP to run our VPS servers and this website sits on one of these servers. NGINX, MariaDB, fcgi caching. Perfect stack.

The blog app is built upon Bedrock, built and deployed via Buddy.

Theme: Pierogi. Oh boy, this is dope – our first free theme. How could I not use it? Looks great, no featured images required, typography is neat and it’s minimalistic. Just perfect.

WordPress plugins used:

  • Jetpack – I was strongly against it some time ago. But it provides all the features the blog needs in a single package. And it’s actively maintained, so why not?
  • SiteKit by Google – because I can. I like to get integrated with few clicks and have everything in a single dashboard
  • Mailgun – to send emails reliably (and because SpinupWP doesn’t provision mail server)
  • Two Factor – because of the security, right?
  • Code Syntax Block – to give these snippets some dignity and because of Gutenberg.

I didn’t want to complicate anything, but still wanted to have a functional and good looking place. KISS.

Coming up next…

  • WordPress hooks collisions (filters and actions)
  • How to access wp-admin without a password, the easy way
  • How to structure WordPress Git repository
  • How to fix broken serialization
  • Why we switched from Slack to Discor

Is on the list something particularly interests you?

Your turn

Go wild in the comments now. This blog needs it! Then follow on social media and subscribe to the newsletter. If you want, obviously.

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