Micropackages – reusable packages for faster development

We at BracketSpace write a lot of code. And the best part is that a lot of this code is the same for each project. We used to copy&paste or create boilerplates like starter themes or plugins to make the work a bit faster and more standardized. Until we came up with Micropackages.

What the hell?

Micropackage is just a tiny bit of code encapsulated in the Composer or NPM package. It’s meant to be simple and easy to integrate with. Plus, we really did our homework with documentation.

Whenever they can, they are platform and framework agnostic, but the fact is we’ve built them specifically for WordPress.

The most popular packages are:

  • Filesystem
  • Templates
  • DocHooks
  • Requirements

How to use these

You can use one package. Or all of them. It’s up to you! Probably a few of them will fit your project depending on if you are doing a theme or plugin.

Because they are so modular, it’s not required to do stuff our way. In fact, most of the micropackages doesn’t have a single dependency.

Read more

If you’d like to read more about this project, check the BracketSpace Releases Library of Reusable Code for Plugin and Theme Development post by Justin Tadlock on WP Tavern.

And of course – give them a ride!

PRs and Issues are highly welcome! 🤟

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